2005, Furniture

Second prize. Moche S.A. 2005

The rest requires simple situations, and great relish. The elements that accompany the moment must be a true reflection of tranquility, harmony and simplicity. Outdoor furniture to relax and enjoy. Very simple, simple mechanisms, with a refinement technique curves and wood that make it comfortable outdoor furniture.

Holgazán garden line is a family of outdoor furniture of innovative features in use, folding, transport and production processes.

Made in cypress wood (Original Argentina Patagonian wood) with excellent properties for outdoor use, terminations and assemblies made by hand, processes that require craftsmanship and industrial work, combining the best of both: the repetition are industrial processes, the assembly and final preparation of parts, handcrafted.

Avoiding complex mechanisms, the entire line has movements to change its position, so the table has two heights, the seat has two recline positions and the same with the lounge chair. These same mechanisms can reduce the piece to a minimum, a sheet. This, and the low weight of cypress wood allows the furniture to be transported by hand without wheels; for example, the deck chair, is transported as an attaché, and can be saved supported, reducing the storage space to a minimum.

A system of movable legs allows different positions: on the chair seat position is changed by moving the rear legs, establishing an optimal resting position to take a Martini. The table includes a storage position and two of use: low, as for teatime and high table to accompany a pheasant with syrah. And the chaise, with three positions, horizontal, reclining and sitting to take a cocktail at 5 pm.

Design: Lázaro Sueldo Müller, Rodrigo Valdivielso.
Year: 2005
Client: Moche S.A.