2015, Furniture, Product

The overall project is mediated between the general strategy and the product. The design was focused on intended market access, another aesthetic and performance improvements. Through the development of design, other factors inherent to the product in varying degrees, were taking precedence. It worked from the possibility of painting the bed into subsets (quality improvement, order, costs, transfers and link with suppliers), to the careful work of forms, taking into consideration the environment, production and user (zones were left footboard and headboard free in order to improve the visual of the patient while in bed). Then, advancing with the project and at the request of CAMSI new moves and features were incorporated, which demanded development of a new structure with possibilities of movements ranging from minimum to maximum heights that are on the market. The CM300, outperforms and aesthetic many of the reference products were taken into prior consideration to development: the tradition of quality and after-sales service that characterizes the firm, renewed aesthetics: incorporating plastic parts and upgrades for medical staff and maintenance and movement mechanisms and hygiene, reducing structural dimensions, structural optimization and materials and production processes, etc.

Design: Rodrigo Valdivielso

Collaborations: Gonzalo Modarelli