Bike Rack

2015, Product

First Price. “Bike rack for Buenos Aires Autonomous City”. 2015

Lazo is an element of simple use and clear semantics that contributes to the urban Buenos Aires  landscape and the way it is lived. The collective unconscious of the City of Buenos Aires is marked by materials and shapes of public space and urbanity, mix of foreign and local forms. The characteristics of the different architectural styles that define Buenos Aires, materials and how they are used, the equipment urban forms and habits of citizens in the common area make recognize ways without objectify themselves or nominating them.

Lazo is cast as a material / process for their technical and production reasons, but also because it is the element / language that allows us to link the formal historical universe of urban facilities with the current. From the lampposts, trellises, sculptures, traditional public space equipment, stands up traffic lights, covers access to services, ramps, links in bus stops, urban signage, etc. all these elements contribute to the implicit value of the form / matter of public space.

Design Team: Lázaro Sueldo Müller, Tomás Ruiz, Rodrigo Valdivielso.

Client: General Department of Creative Industries / General Department for Healthy Mobility  – Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Year: 2015