2011, Cartón Lleno, Furniture

Revelation Award in Sustainability and Social Inclusion. “Feria Puro Diseño”. 2013.

“Bankko” is developed in corrugated cardboard as part of the project “Cartón Lleno”. The cardboard is structurally worked , using the corrugated like the grain of the wood.
Resists 160 kgr. Weighs between 2.5 and 3.5 kgr. The resistance is acquired by the buildup of plaque, which together act structurally in every way. The surface finish collaborates with resistance in two aspects: mechanical and cohesion of the material. Resists liquids without being submerged.
The bank has different color finishes (natural, interior color and exterior color ) and on the fronts (solid wood, plywood, foil, cardboard, and aluminum). 100 % degradable / 100 % recyclable.
Design: Santiago Doljanin and Rodrigo Valdivielso .
Year: 2011